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Brainstorm Bubble Map

Posted: February 29, 2012 in ePortfolio, HONORS PLE

My Lane CC Experience

February 29, 2012.  Here is my brainstorm bubble map of my Lane CC experience so far through my first year back in school.  It shows me what I had accomplished so far and pushed me to achieve even more.


A Poll on YOU

Posted: February 16, 2012 in EduBlogging, ePortfolio, HONORS PLE

Helpful or Hurtful????



February 16, 2012

I am conducting a poll of Lane Community College students on the effects of texting.  This poll will be part of my final project for WR 227 this term.  If anybody has the free time to answer my questions you would be a huge help.

Honesty is appreciated.

  1. Have you found that your use of “text language” has had a negative effect on your academic writing?
  2. Do you use “text language” when texting, or do you use proper English, punctuation, and complete sentences?
  3. Do you use “text language” when emailing someone, or do you use proper English, punctuation, and complete sentences?
  4. Do you think that texting will have long-term positive, negative, or no effect on a student’s language and writing skills?
  5. Have you texted while driving in the last month?
  6. Do you believe that texting while driving is as dangerous as drinking and driving?

Somebody Help!

February 15, 2012

So I am writing to get some opinions on whether or not it is a good idea to take Chem 150 (preparatory chem) before taking Chem 221 (general chem I).  I am a quick learner and I think that I am pretty smart in the science area of academics.  I was going to take Chem 150 this next term, however, I do not need to as a prerequisite and found a honors class that I would like to take instead.  If I did take the honors class I would be diving headfirst into Chem 221 in the fall without taking the preparatory chemistry class first.  I do not want to get in over my head and drown, but I also do not want to pay for the extra class if I can manage a good grade in 221.  What are some thoughts?  I would greatly appreciate some feedback from people who have taken both classes, but most of all from people who have taken General Chemistry I without preparatory chemistry first.      THANKS

So this week is registration week for the spring term here at Lane.  It is also the first time that this new registration system has been used.  How does everyone like the new system?  I’m not sure that I like it, but that is because I failed to get all of the classes that I wanted, however, I think that I will be able to get the last one I need to fill my spring schedule by sitting in on the class.  It would probably help if there was more than just one of the classes offered next term.  I hope that everyone got all of the classes that they need for next term, and if you are fairly new to Lane then good luck to you, because you will have to wait to register until students further along in their academic careers have had a chance to do so.

Is bottled water free of the contaminants sometimes found in tap water?

February 9, 2012

The author of the scholarly article I chose is Michael J. Sullivan PhD, CIH, REA.

Here is a link to that article.

He is a graduate of UC Davis and The University of Michigan, and he is a professor at Cal State Northridge, where he teaches Environmental Health and Risk Analysis.  He is an expert in toxicology and risk analysis, with 20 years experience working for consulting firms.  His current research is in environmental sampling and drinking water.  He is also President of Southern California American Industrial Hygiene Association.

I think that article co-authored by Michael J. Sullivan PhD. is a very credible source of information.  He is highly educated and highly credited in his field of expertise.  He not only is a professor of upper-level college classes, but is also the President of an organization that promotes industrial and environmental hygiene and health.

Bottled vs. Tap

February 8, 2012

The person who owns and maintains the scholarly blog I chose is Greg Laden.

Greg Laden is a Biological Anthropologist who has a PhD. from Harvard in both Archeology and Biological Anthropology.  His main areas of study are Human Environmental Interaction and Human Behavioral Biology.  He has taught at Harvard, Boston University, Concordia, and University of Minnesota.  He co-authored a scholarly paper that was published while at Minnesota.  The name of the paper is “The Raw and the Stolen.” The topic of the paper is cooking and the ecology of human origins.

Link to “The Raw and the Stolen.”  Link comes as a PDF Download.

I think that Greg Laden is a pretty credible source.  He definitely has good credentials and has a background in the sciences.  He has had a paper he was involved with published.

The things that he talks about in his blog are some of the same things that I found out doing research for my essay on the subject.  However, he has a slightly different take on some of the information and data put forth by researchers.

Overall I thought his blog was interesting and made me think from his point of view.  I am not academically achieved as he happens to be, but I find it hard to argue with some of the evidence that he portrays as misleading.

Better than tap? How bad is using bottled water on the environment?

February 7, 2012

For this weeks assignment I chose a argumentative essay that I wrote a couple terms back in my writing class.  This essay was about bottle water, and what effects that the massive growth in worldwide bottled water consumption has on the planet, as well as whether or not bottled water is better for our consumption than tap water is.  Once I began researching this topic it became very interesting to me and I learned a lot about the bottled water industry and lets just say I try to avoid buying bottled water these days.

Here is a link to the page with my argumentative essay.

Here is a link to a scholarly journal article about contaminants seeping out of the plastic bottles into the water.

Food Additives and Contaminates Vol. 23 Issue 2, Feb. 2006Multiple authors.  The name of  the article is “Migration of formaldehyde and acetaldehyde into mineral water from polyethylene teraphthalate (PET) bottles.”

Here is a link to another academic journal article about heavy metals in bottled water.

Journal of  Environmental Health Vol. 73 Issue 10, June 2011. The authors are Michael J. Sullivan and Shannon LeavyThe title of the article is “Heavy Metals in Bottled Natural Spring Water.”

Here is a link to a scholarly blog with a similar topic to my essay.

This blog is Greg Laden’s Blog, Culture as Science-Science as Culture. Blog title is, “The Water Wars an’ Woes: Bottled vs. Tap?”

I found researching this subject again fairly easy since I had recently done so and I knew where to find the information.  I just used Academic Search Premiere to find the article through the LCC library website.  To find the blog I used the link out of the assignment which was very helpful.