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When I signed up for this class at the beginning of the term I was a little skeptical of the curriculum.  I was also skeptical about what I was going to get out of taking this class and that it might just be a waste of time and money.  I feel that it was a good decision to enroll in the honors program and to take this class because the way that technology is advancing and how everyone now uses blogs and networking sites these days.  I think that this class as well as the use of my blog will help me succeed in my educational and professional careers.


We were asked to make a digital story of our success here at Lane Community College using pictures and narration.  Mine is called Rising From the Flames and here is a link to the page.

My Robot Movie  March 5, 2012

In our honors personal learning environment class, we were asked to use to make a short movie on something that we have accomplished in our time here at LCC that we did not think that we could do.  I made my movie on my overcoming my fear of public speaking.  Here is a link to my Xtranormal robot movie that I made.

March 1, 2012

If anyone took part in my survey this is the paper I was working on and here are the results.

This is a WR 227 group project final that I just completed. It is a technical report on some of the effects text messaging is having on our society.  It is due Monday and I am hoping we get an A on it.  I really believe that we should.  I spent a little extra time on it by myself putting it all together making sure that everything was uniform and seeing to it that everything was included that should have been.  It started out as a 2 page per person paper, and with 4 people in our group it should have been a minimum of 8 pages.  Well, it turned into a 20 page monster but i believe that it is a pretty good paper.  I myself conducted two surveys of instructors and students here at Lane Community College, and analyzed data from another online survey.  The rest of my group analyzed data and wrote their portion covering the impacts on our reading and writing, on teenagers social skills, and on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Here is a link to the technical report Texting Messaging: The Effects on Our Society.

This Link is to a PDF Download.

Group Project Study

I know it is long but if anyone has any time to check it out and give me some feedback I would appreciate it.


Reflecting back on this project, I learned what it takes to produce a quality major project in college when working with others.  The key thing is communication and giving each member of the group a equal amount of work to accomplish.  I also learned that it is helpful to set a date for everyone to have their material finished, so that the material can be collated into one nice presentable paper.

I think that I learned quite a bit on the subject by conducting  the survey, and also on the other effects that text messaging is having on our society from what the rest of my group researched and presented.