WR 227 Group Project, Check it out you may have participated in it.

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March 1, 2012

If anyone took part in my survey this is the paper I was working on and here are the results.

This is a WR 227 group project final that I just completed. It is a technical report on some of the effects text messaging is having on our society.  It is due Monday and I am hoping we get an A on it.  I really believe that we should.  I spent a little extra time on it by myself putting it all together making sure that everything was uniform and seeing to it that everything was included that should have been.  It started out as a 2 page per person paper, and with 4 people in our group it should have been a minimum of 8 pages.  Well, it turned into a 20 page monster but i believe that it is a pretty good paper.  I myself conducted two surveys of instructors and students here at Lane Community College, and analyzed data from another online survey.  The rest of my group analyzed data and wrote their portion covering the impacts on our reading and writing, on teenagers social skills, and on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Here is a link to the technical report Texting Messaging: The Effects on Our Society.

This Link is to a PDF Download.

Group Project Study

I know it is long but if anyone has any time to check it out and give me some feedback I would appreciate it.


Reflecting back on this project, I learned what it takes to produce a quality major project in college when working with others.  The key thing is communication and giving each member of the group a equal amount of work to accomplish.  I also learned that it is helpful to set a date for everyone to have their material finished, so that the material can be collated into one nice presentable paper.

I think that I learned quite a bit on the subject by conducting  the survey, and also on the other effects that text messaging is having on our society from what the rest of my group researched and presented.

  1. One last post to my scholarly comerades blogs and then I have to be done. Sigh, why isn’t there more time in life for stuff like this? I could blog and respond to blogs all day, but alas Art and English also my time demand. First of all, congrats on this paper! Research like that is very time-consuming, and it sounds like you really got into it which is very cool. Your use of graphics was awesome! Thanks for posting it on here. If you need to trim it down (the instructors, in English classes anyway, have mentioned they are getting stricter on space constraints), may I make a suggestion? Check for redundancy. If you tighten things up you could easily cut down a page.

    Also there is an argumentative flaw. You assert several times that texting is in some way a negative thing. Texting is a tool, like a computer or pencil. Can you blame a pencil for mispelling words, or a computer for comitting interenet crimes? It seems to me that you can’t blame “text messages” for causing accidents or the reduction of language anymore than you can do the above. Like a pencil or a computer, its how a human uses this tool that is important, isn’t it? It seems to me if your going to look at texting, no matter what research you do, or argument you present, you might want to define its nature first.

    Finally, it would have been interesting if you asked the audience you polled how many of them had been introduced through the television or the media to arguments for or against texting. I’d bet hard money that if you ruled out students who had heard about this issue already, your results would have been very different.

    Thanks again for posting. It was a great procrastination device.

  2. ailenejoyce says:

    You did a really nice job on this. I enjoyed WR227, and I have integrated the tools I learned in that class into my academic world. I recently had to create a proposal for a professor, and I created a very impressive piece that got the results I was looking for.
    Yours is well laid out, pleasant to look at and very thorough. Check the first paragraph for a typo at the end…

  3. oregonjake says:

    Incredible research paper, I am quite impressed. The level of depth you went to for the information, and your careful analysis on a problem affecting society at large just makes it easier for me to not have a digital device. Thank you for the time and effort, I can see how difficult and time-consuming it was. Your efforts are greatly appreciated. Thanks again.

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