IDS 299 Research Class Reflection: Community of Scholars

Posted: April 13, 2012 in EduBlogging, ePortfolio, HONORS PLE, IDS 299_H


Myself, at least before I had taken last terms class and this one, I was under the impression that a community of scholars was experts such as professors and scientists that specialized a certain field of study.  Now I beginning to understand that a community of scholars is not necessarily experts in a certain field of study, but a group of people who may have taken a certain interest in a subject  and have devoted time and energy to perform quality research into that subject, possibly contributing something to others understanding and knowledge of it.

I now realize that I too can be part of a community of scholars and am doing so by taking these honors courses.  My community of scholars, for the time being, is Lane’s honors students.  But, as we indulge in some of the projects that are part of the curriculum, and present some of our research and findings, we will all become a part of a larger community of scholars.

Viewing the documentary, Veins in the Gulf, has opened my eyes to some of the problems that the people of the Louisiana Gulf coast are dealing with, and it has also showed me that although our class might have not a endless list of degrees under their belts, nor titles following their names, we can possibly make a difference by contributing to the research of whatever topic we decide to pick.


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