Rising From the Flames

Rising From the Flames

I made this on March 12, 2012.  This assignment showed me that I have achieved a lot in just a year back in school, and knowing that pushes me to achieve and pursue more.

For the last nine years I have made a living as a wildland firefighter.  It is a job that I have grown to love, but I have reached a point in my life where I know that I can not work in this field for the rest of my career.  So I have decided to go back to college and only fight fire in the summer and only until I obtain my degree.


I had once dreamed of becoming an ecological engineer and had all but given up on that dream until I decided to once again enrolled in college.  Once I enrolled at Lane Community College, I decided I would pursue my dream.  So I vowed to do my best, study hard, and obtain the highest grades that I could.


After two terms of high grades and a 4.16 G.P.A., I decided to enroll in the Lane Honors Program.  I plan on obtaining an Associate’s of Science Degree from Lane Community College and graduating with honors.


After obtaining an Associate’s of Science Degree from Lane Community College and acquiring all of the transfer credits that Lane offers I will transfer to Oregon State University’s College of Engineering.


Once I obtain my engineering degree from Oregon State University, I will pursue my dream job, where I will help humans coexist with plants and animals so that it is in a mutually beneficial way.

Too Late for Success?

Absolutely Not!

I once thought that I had waited too long to pursue my dream career in engineering, but now I know that is not true.  I will achieve my goals and succeed even though I may enter the engineering job force ten years later than most.

  1. megtini87 says:

    This is wonderful.

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