Ronald Reagan Benefit Lucheon

Ronald Reagan Benefit Luncheon

In fifth grade I was chosen by my school, because of my academic prowess, to introduce Oregon’s Attorney General Dave Frohnmayer.  However, because of a Ronald Reagan benefit luncheon he was unable to attend.  He instead invited my teacher and I to to attend the $800 a plate luncheon as his guests.  At the luncheon I was able to meet the former President and shake his hand while posing for a photo.  I also got up the nerve to stand at the podium and ask him what it was like to be president, which was quite unnerving to an eleven year old.  This experience is something that I will always remember, which was only accomplished through my academic excellence and hard work.  By experiencing this so young, I have always known that through hard work and dedication to academics I can achieve what some people only dream of.

  1. oregonjake says:

    Chris, excellent memory to have, actually meeting Reagan, and to speak in front of a group there to see him! Amazing, I wish I could have met him in my lifetime. A question; how do you feel about Reagan today? I feel he was a great president, and did much for America, just wondering what you thought?

    • chrislmorris says:

      I think that Reagan was a great president and did great things for our country. He was instrumental in the breakup of the Soviet Union and without him the Cold War may have went on longer than it did. However, in trying to help the struggling economy he vastly increased the nations debt. Overall I believe that he was a great man and great president, and I feel honored to have met him.

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