WR 227 Group Project

Winter Term 2012

This is a WR 227 group project final that I just completed. It is a technical report on some of the effects text messaging is having on our society.  It is due Monday and I am hoping we get an A on it.  I really believe that we should.  I spent a little extra time on it by myself putting it all together making sure that everything was uniform and seeing to it that everything was included that should have been.  It started out as a 2 page per person paper, and with 4 people in our group it should have been a minimum of 8 pages.  Well, it turned into a 20 page monster but i believe that it is a pretty good paper.  I myself conducted two surveys of instructors and students here at Lane Community College, and analyzed data from another online survey.  The rest of my group analyzed data and wrote their portion covering the impacts on our reading and writing, on teenagers social skills, and on the dangers of drinking and driving.

Here is a link to the technical report Texting Messaging: The Effects on Our Society

This Link Comes as a PDF Download.

Group Project Study

Grade received: A+


This group project was somewhat of a different assignment than I had been used to.  I was used to personal paper and essay assignments, and not major projects that included my other classmates participation and work.  I was a little hesitant about the project because of the fact that part of my grade was dependent on the other members work.  I was uneasy at first and thought that maybe everyone wouldn’t finish the work that they were supposed to.  However, everything went smoothly and we all did our share.  I did spend a little extra time when putting the final piece together, but that is because I have always been a leader and always produce quality work so I wanted to make sure it was up to my specs.  This assignment helped me ready myself for future college and career work that will involve other people.  I am glad that the class was set up this way by my instructor because I think that it prepped me for my future very well.


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